British Shorthair

  • We do not sell kittens to animal stores, resales, laboratories, etc.


  • Animals are not toys, nor objects of caprice, nor impulse purchases. We ask you to think very seriously about the adoption of one of our kittens.


  • The reserve will be 30% of the total value of the kitten chosen and not for another copy.


  • The reservation will not be refundable in any case, without exception for reasons beyond the control of De Ilika. In case of the death of the kitten prior to delivery, the reserve will be subject to a new copy of similar characteristics and quality.


  • We prefer that the collection of our kittens is done personally, if it were not possible and it had to be sent the rest of the amount will be paid 72 hours before the shipment.


  • All our kittens leave home with their veterinary recognition, in perfect health and immunized from the main diseases. We are not responsible for any anomaly acquired in transport.


  • They are delivered wormed, doubly vaccinated, with microchip on behalf of the new owner, veterinary certificate of perfect health at the time of delivery and pedigree in hand or with the commitment to deliver it when in our possession.


  • We have cats with quality company, breeding and show, in the case of pets the pedigree will be delivered once the cat has been sterilized by a competent clinic and sent by the veterinary professional the report, photos and videos to De Ilika.

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